Jewelry pieces may require some repairs over time, and this guide will list the most common jewelry problems along with how they can be fixed:

  1. Ring sizing. This is the most common repair that people require, and a reputable jeweler will be able to resize your ring to ensure that it fits your finger correctly. Your ring should be able to slide on and off relatively easily, and a little bit of wiggling is all it should take. If this is not the case, your ring will have to be resized so that it’s not too loose or too tight, and a specific tool will be used to cut a small line in the ring so that it can spread apart, after which the sizing process can begin.
  2. Broken shank. Stress and wear can affect your jewelry over time, and it’s common for a fracture to happen at the bottom of the shank. This can happen if you work out with your ring or swim with it often, as these activities will potentially cause a fracture, and chlorine has the power to make your jewelry brittle. A professional jeweler will be able to form the ring back into its round shape in the correct size, and soldering tools will be used so that the metal can flow back together. The shank will then be shaped and polished, and your jewelry will be as good as new.
  3. Broken prongs. Prongs hold a gemstone in place, but the metal can become thin over time and eventually break off. This is relatively common, and new metal can be soldered on in many cases. If the entire or majority of the prong needs to be replaced, the jeweler will use a piece of metal that is the same dimensions as the prong and will cut it to fit the right size, after which they will heat and solder it to the damaged prong. 
  4. Loose gemstones. It’s normal for gemstones to become loose over time, and it’s also possible for them to start spinning within the setting. If you ever notice this problem, stop wearing your jewelry because the gem may fall out and see a jeweler for repairs right away. They may fix the problem by tightening the prongs, and a goldsmith will use the proper tools to bend the metal back to its original position. They will do whatever it takes to ensure your gemstone properly sits in its seat. 
  5. Chain or clasp repair. Clasps break all the time, as do chains. The same type of metal you have in the chain will be used to solder it back together if your chain breaks, and if it’s the clasp that’s a problem, a new one will likely be added. 

Professionals must do jewelry repairs, and you can rely on the experts at Leduc Goldsmiths for this task. We can handle jewelry repairs of every kind so contact us today for more information.