When it comes to wearing jewelry around your neck, whether it’s a pendant or another adornment, the right chain is absolutely essential. Having a durable, effective necklace chain can make all the difference.

Types and Durability

While one chain might look much better and more aesthetically pleasing than the other, they aren’t necessarily equal. While the design is always an important factor when it comes to proper necklace jewelry, you’ll also want the right chain for the job. Here are some common necklace chains, their durability differences, and why you should research the right chain type:

  • Cable Chain: These are the traditional classic chain types. It’s relatively solid, but metal thickness is important; if the chain’s too thin, it’s more inclined to break or tangle.
  • Ball Chain: Although attractive, and some might even say adorable, these are easy to pull apart and won’t always go back together correctly, depending on the quality of the repair job. Since they don’t have links, it’s easier to mess up.
  • Rope Chain: These chains are the least recommended. Even if they look nice, they’re incredibly difficult to repair; they’re only really durable if made right. Most manufactured chains will unravel and eventually snap. Even if you repair them, you’ll end up with obvious soldering globs and even weaker integrity. Not to mention, the hollow versions are even more fragile; anything placed on a repaired one means it will snap pretty much instantly.
  • Herringbone and Snake Chains: Although easier to solder and repair, snake chains will always be weaker at that point. Due to their design, herringbones can’t be fixed; the area won’t look the same and the repair mark is incredibly obvious. These chains aren’t suitable for pendants and need to be treated and stored right even without any additional adornments.

Purchasing the Right Chain

Generally, a chain is more durable the thicker it is; most are 1mm-1.5mm in thickness, which works to hold most varieties of small to medium-sized adornments. If the necklace has links, then you should look for thicker ones which are less likely to break.

Additionally, depending on the weight of your pendant, the necklace will need to be correspondingly stronger. As the pendant weight goes up, increase your necklace’s size in width to compensate.

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