Couples have a lot to think about when planning a wedding, and choosing the perfect bands is a must. This piece of jewelry will be worn every day, so it must be a piece you love, and your band should represent your style so that you enjoy looking at your ring. Additionally, your wedding band must be a symbol of your love, so you need to put a lot of thought into the selection process. 

If you are having trouble deciding on suitable wedding bands, the following guide will provide you with unique ideas for him and her in 2022:

  1. Minimalist bands. This is a popular trend as many couples prefer subtle, minimal bands in design. You don’t need to select something bold or extravagant if you don’t want to and can choose minimalist bands for him and her to represent your love and bond.
  2. Custom engraved bands. This is a trend that will never go out of style, so if you are interested in something sentimental, you can choose to include a custom engraving on the inside of your band. This is an exceptional idea, and your wedding bands will be a lot more meaningful with a message or your initials.
  3. Twisted bands. You can consider this modern idea if you want something very unique. These bands are stylish, and everyone will notice this different design on your finger. Not all bands have to be traditional, and you can choose to have a twisted design, so do not be afraid to think outside the box. Couples should feel creative when selecting their bands, and adding a nice twist into the mix is a great idea.
  4. Diamonds. If you love the look of bling, this idea is perfect because you can incorporate diamonds into your bands. You can choose to have identical diamonds on both his and her rings or choose different diamonds for each band. The diamonds can differ in terms of colour and size, and you and your partner can select something meaningful together. You can view different diamonds to see which ones would be suitable for your bands.
  5. Rustic metal bands. Not every band must be a typical silver or gold, and rustic colours are very popular, so this is a trend you will see in 2022. This is also a unique idea, so if you want your band to look slightly different, you can choose a rustic metal material that will set your bands apart.
  6. Criss-cross bands. This option consists of two bands, and a criss-cross design is very symbolic as it can represent two people crossing paths and the merging of lives, so this is very popular because of its unique design and meaning.

Wedding bands need to be unique, and the experts at Leduc Goldsmiths can help you find the perfect ring. If you are in Edmonton, come and browse our beautiful selection of bands today!

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