New engagement ring trends anticipated to revolutionize the jewellery industry are coming in 2023, which is only around the corner. Here are our predictions for the engagement ring trends that will be popular in 2023, ranging from distinctive cuts to striking colours.

Alternative Gemstones

Although diamond engagement rings in Edmonton are still the most popular choice, more and more couples are choosing alternative gemstones. We expect emeralds, sapphires, and other colourful gemstones to rise in popularity in 2023. These stones add a distinctive and individual touch to engagement rings, and their vibrant colours make them a stunning substitute for classic diamonds.

The More Compact Diamond 

When we choose engagement rings in Edmonton, we assume that a larger diamond makes a more dramatic statement. The fact that more and more soon-to-be brides are gravitating towards smaller, daintier engagement ring designs is the most important lesson we can take away from engagement ring trends in 2022. 0.50-carat engagement rings in Edmonton are more popular than ever in our store. This comes as no surprise considering that jewellery stacking was a significant trend for 2022. 

Unique Non-Traditional Cuts

Non-traditional diamond cuts, including the marquise and pear, have been more popular in recent years, and we anticipate this trend will continue in 2023. A standard option is the kite cut, with a diamond with four straight sides and a pointed corner. In 2023, it’s also anticipated that other unusual shapes like hexagonal and elongated pillows will become more popular.

Bold Bands

Despite the popularity of thin, delicate bands in previous years, we anticipate a change to bolder, more ornate bands in 2023. Consider thick, textured bands with delicate milgrain and filigree accents. These strong bands create a show-stopping engagement ring in Edmonton, which offers a stunning contrast to the diamond in the centre.


Retro-inspired engagement rings in Edmonton are exquisite and timeless, and we anticipate they will remain popular in 2023. Vintage-inspired engagement rings add a distinctive and individualized touch to a classic piece of jewellery, featuring designs with Art Deco influences and delicate filigree accents.

Halo Settings

For some years, halo settings have been a popular trend. In 2023, we forecast that this trend will continue. This type of setting creates the appearance of a larger, more brilliant diamond by surrounding the primary diamond with smaller diamonds or gemstones. When looking for a traditional engagement ring with sparkle, halo settings are classy and refined.

The Lab-Grown Diamond Ring

This newfound interest and Enthusiasm for lab-grown diamonds is one phenomenon that we are beyond thrilled about. Sadly, in the past, lab-created diamonds have developed a negative reputation as “synthetic” or “not real” diamonds. They are created under the exact same circumstances and with the same chemical ingredients as diamonds mined from the soil. 

But in 2023, people are more interested in buying engagement rings in Edmonton made of lab-grown diamonds considering its popularity and relatively low prices. 

The 2023 engagement ring trends are all about customization and uniqueness. There is a trend for everyone, from solid bands to distinctive diamond cuts. Leduc Goldsmiths offers a wide range of diamond rings in Edmonton that may commemorate your love and devotion and reflect your style; whether you like a classic diamond or a striking and vibrant gemstone, we have got you covered. 

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