Do you have gold jewelry that is just lying around the house, but have no idea what to do with it? Consider the following options that will help you derive some good use from your gold jewelry:

Repurposing Gold Jewelry

If you think your existing gold jewelry does not complement your personality or style, you can redesign it to look more modern and unique. For instance, traditional gold earrings can be modified by attaching stylish ear cuffs. You can also completely melt down your gold jewelry to create something brand new. This is the best option for those who have a jewelry piece with sentimental value, but does not match their personal style, like an old family heirloom or outdated wedding band.

Repairing Gold Jewelry

If you have not been wearing your gold jewelry because it is either broken or damaged, you can get it repaired! Take the piece to a jeweler to restore it, especially if it has passed down the family for generations, and you are unwilling to part with it. You can also get it repaired if you are a collector who wants to hold onto it, just in case its value increases in the future.

Selling Gold Jewelry

If you do not see yourself using your gold jewelry ever again, you should definitely sell it. Remember to make sure that the piece has no sentimental value, and get an appraisal before selling it to a buyer. You need to also find a reputable buyer and confirm this for yourself by checking to see if they are a member of a jewelry trade association. You could also look up reviews to ensure whether or not the company has any customer complaints.

To get some good use out of your gold jewelry, visit us at Leduc Goldsmith! We have been in the business for over thirty years and are dedicated to providing customers with honest and reliable services. Our company has even acquired a prestigious award from the Leduc and District Chamber of Commerce: the Small Business of the Year.  In addition to that, we offer several different types of jewelry, such as Canadian Diamonds, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Ammolite, Family Jewelry and Watches. Our quality-grade services include repairs, corporate/service award jewelry, buying old jewelry, engraving and appraisals. For more information, browse our website or call 780-986-8535 today!

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