Out of all jewelry types, signet rings are some of the most intimate. They’re not only extremely personalizable, but also adaptable and timelessly classic; they’re also quite elegant, no matter the wearer. Signet rings are designed with a family crest, monogram or emblem and they started as a way to stamp or seal important documents. Over the years, they evolved to a method of flaunting status and ancestry in a unique way, they’re highly variable and perfect for everyone.

Where to Find Them?

There are a variety of places to find generic signet rings. Online retailers are a good first step, the majority of online jewellers offer a variety of designs. Be wary of prices, however, as these are brand-new and naturally result in higher mark-ups.

If you’re looking for something vintage or antique, second-hand shops are the place to go. Antique stores will likely have a mixture of old designs and stylings for you to peruse, while online retailers will have their own listings.

Finally, the best way to show off your family lineage and your status is by getting your own custom signet ring. Not only is it unique, but it can also serve as a future family heirloom. Full-capability jewellery facilities are your best bet to start.

Customizable Options

There are a multitude of options for you to customize your signet ring with, which are all special in their own way. A good basic option is your initials, you can use any font you like, whether it’s a bold block font or elegant script.

Monograms are another great option, with eye-catching letters in vintage style; they’re difficult to engrave, so make sure the jeweller you choose is capable.

The most complex but most stylized are crests. A throwback to the original use for signet rings, this style is perfect for heirlooms and ancestral pride.

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of colour either! Enameling is a beautiful way to make details pop and add even more uniqueness to an already custom item. It works best for images, or if you want a black contrast on words or letters.

Stones are even an option, regardless if the ring has a pre-existing setting or not. Jewellers are capable of both small and large settings, with stones bringing their own customizability to the table; for example, you can use small stones to outline your zodiac, complete with engraved connections between stones.

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